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Continuous Improvement

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) was established under the federal Inspector General Act as an independent office within LSC. It has the dual mission of preventing and detecting fraud and abuse and of promoting economy, efficiency and effectiveness in LSC’s programs and oper-
ations. I believe this is a role that is especially vital in the legal services arena, where the resource needs are so critical and the consequences so important for the clients of LSC-funded programs.


OIG Mission

IG LSClogoThe LSC Office of Inspector General operates under the Inspector General Act. In 1988, Congress amended the IG Act and required LSC and about 30 other small, federally funded entities to establish independent Offices of Inspector General.

The OIG has two principal missions: to assist management in identifying ways to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the activities and operations of LSC and its grantees; and to prevent and detect fraud and abuse. Thus the OIG assists management in fostering, and overcoming obstacles to, good program management and in preventing future problems; and it must identify and report on current problems.


Federal IG Resources

  • An Introduction to the Inspector General Community 12/2004
  • OMB Memorandum: Agency and OIG Working Relationships 07/2006
  • Annual Progress Report to the President: Fiscal Year 2013 - New
  • IG Act


12 July 2012:
OIG Comments on LSC Draft Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016 [PDF 1,865K]

11 June 2010:
GAO Report to Congressional Requesters:

  • Legal Services Corporation: Improvements Needed in Controls over Grant Awards and Grantee Program Effectiveness. GAO-10-540. [PDF 1,173K]

Top Management Challenges


As part of our strategic planning process the OIG has identified the following set of major management challenges that we consider to be serious management and performance challenges facing the Corporation. The OIG uses its ongoing risk assessments to monitor high risk areas and guide the assignment of OIG resources. The OIG works helps to highlight these critical areas to management for attention to help LSC better address these challenges and areas of opportunity to  ensure that OIG’s work is focused on providing great value to LSC.
LSC Challenge Areas:


Strategic and Annual Work Plans

  • LSC OIG Strategic Plan
  • OIG 2015 Work Plan [PDF 1 MB] 1/29/2015


FY16 OIG Budget

Staff Directory


Jeffrey E. Schanz
Inspector General
202 295 1660

Joel Gallay
Special Counsel
202 295 1666

Laurie Tarantowicz
Assistant Inspector General and Legal Counsel
202 295 1652

Tom Hester
Associate Counsel
202 295 1665