These instructions explain how to submit a Summary Report Form (SRF) for an audit of an LSC grant recipient. For authoritative guidance on audit policies, go to the Audit Guidance page.  

Before You Start ΒΆ

You should print a hard copy of these instructions for reference while completing the SRF. Also, print and refer to the Sample SRF and Legend of Non-Compliance and Reportable Condition Codes, which are also posted to this website. You should fill out the Sample SRF and become familiar with the other materials before going on-line to enter the SRF submissions. If you have any questions about these instructions, please send an e-mail to or call 1 202 295 1671. 

Before starting the on-line SRF application we recommend that your web browser be updated to the latest version and allows a session cookie. The Summary Report Form input requires that your internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) accept a session cookie. How to delete and manage cookies

How To Navigate Through the SRF application (an Active Server Page (ASP) Application):

  1. To navigate through the application, you normally use the buttons on the page itself (e.g., CONTINUE, RESET FORM, YES, NO or DONE) rather than the web browser's "Back" or "Forward" buttons. Move up and down on the web page by using the up or down-arrow buttons on the scroll bar, found on the right side of your screen, to see all of the information on that page. Notice you have to scroll down far enough on a page to see the on-page buttons in order to submit the data and move to the next page. The CONTINUE and NEXT buttons record all of the data entered on a page and passes you to the next page. The DONE button on the final Confirm & Print page performs the final data submission to the OIG. After you click the DONE button, you will no longer have access to the SRF to input or change data without contacting the OIG.
  2.  Do not use the browser's BACK or FORWARD buttons when completing any of the application's screens.
  3. The SRF is completed when the DONE button on the final page is pressed. If you forget to click the DONE button, the LSC OIG will not receive any portion of the required SRF submission.
  4. Move through the data fields (white blocks) on a page by pointing and clicking with the mouse or by using the TAB key for forward movement and SHIFT+TAB to go backward. NEVER USE THE ENTER KEY WHILE COMPLETING THE SRF.
  5. At any time, you may print the current page using your web browser PRINT button or File | Print on the Menu Bar.
  6. Be sure to print the two Review & Print Pages, one page with audit information, and one with any reported findings before you click the DONE at the bottom of the page. These printouts are for your records.
  7. Once you begin the SRF, do not exit the form until it is completed. If you lose your internet connection while completing the SRF, do not close your browser. The SRF data entered will still be in the browser for up to four hours. When your internet connection is restored, you can continue the SRF from that point forward.

At the LSC OIG, we are committed to assisting you in completing and submitting the SRF. If you are experiencing difficulty completing the SRF or require further assistance, please e-mail the LSC OIG at or call 202 295 1671.