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Single Audit Clearinghouse:
CFDA Number

In the past, the Single Audit Clearinghouse has rejected LSC grantee audit reports because the Data Collection Form did not include a CFDA number. LSC does not have a CFDA number and our previous guidance to recipients had been to insert "NONE" in the CFDA box on the Data Collection Form. We have changed the guidance so that reports will be accepted. In lieu of an Agency Number, the pseudo code '09' has been assigned to LSC. Therefore, instead of inserting "NONE" in the CFDA number box, insert the following:

09 followed by a period and the 6-digit LSC recipient number.

For example, a grantee with an LSC Recipient Number of '757100' would have a CFDA Number = 09.757100.

The next OIG Audit guidance issuance will reflect this change.


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